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  • “These Dreams Aren’t What They Used To Be”

    “These Dreams Aren’t What They Used To Be”

     It’s funny how things change as you grow older, wiser, and experience more. When I was growing up I can’t remember ever really wanting to “Be” anything. Most of my friends had ideas and aspirations of what they wanted to be when they grew up. I guess I just never really thought that far ahead. I just tried to be what I thought I could be. It has taken a long time for me to understand exactly who I am. ...

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  • “Making Modern Music”

    “Making Modern Music”

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  • JP and the weather. A rant.

    JP and the weather. A rant.

    Oh the weather. Local media reports of the impending doom and gloom of the years “biggest and most powerful” snowstorm. From the posts on social media you’d think that just trying to get out of your front door would be as difficult as getting your 6 month old baby to recite the pledge of allegiance. I grew up in sunny southern California. I’m not used to snow. I don’t think I ever will be either. In fact, I don’t even ...

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